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Getting tested for a sexually transmitted disease is a simple process that can give you enormous peace of mind. The doctors at Rose City Urgent Care & Family Practice in Portland, Milwaukie, and Tigard, Oregon, understand that every situation is different. They provide caring and non-judgmental testing and screening to ensure your health and wellness.

STD Testing Q & A

Should I be tested for STDs?

If you’re sexually active, the simple answer is “Yes.” If you have unprotected sex or have multiple partners -- which puts you at a higher risk for contracting an STD -- testing is not only a good idea, it could prevent a host of complications down the road.

If you feel you don’t need to be tested because you don’t have any symptoms, it’s important to bear in mind that some people can have STDs without even knowing it, essentially acting as carriers.

What should I test for?

The following are simple guidelines that include risk factors and what to test:

Chlamydia and gonorrhea

You should be tested annually for these diseases if:

  • You’re sexually active and under age 25
  • You have multiple partners
  • You’re a man who has sex with other men
  • You’re HIV-positive
  • You have been forced to have sex

Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that you get an HIV test at least once if you are, or have been, sexually active between the ages of 13 and 64.

The CDC recommends a hepatitis C screening for anyone born between the years 1945 and 1965.


There’s no test for herpes, which is diagnosed on the appearance of symptoms.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Women should have this screening during routine gynecological exams. There’s no test for men. HPV is very common and sometimes you may not even know you have it. The virus often resolves on its own. The most common outward sign of the disease is genital warts, which can affect both men and women. Women have more complications due to HPV, such as cervical cancer, so getting tested is a good idea for all women.

The team at Rose City Urgent Care & Family Practice provides discreet and nonjudgmental STD testing for all patients, taking the anxiety out of the process.

How do I prevent STDs?

The best way to prevent an STD is to be vigilant about protection. Condoms are the only method outside of abstinence that can provide protection against an infection.

Consistent screening and testing also go a long way toward STD prevention. If you and your partner plan to have unprotected sex, getting tested is a good way to know your risk ahead of time.

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