• Summer Asthma Triggers — How to Prevent an Attack

    on Jun 20th, 2019

For many, asthma is a year-round condition. Each season presents its own unique challenges and a different set of obstacles to avoid. Summer is no different. While you can never truly prevent an attack, there are ways to mitigate your triggers and risk factors as the days get longer and the sun gets hotter.

It may feel like an imaginary boogeyman, but the threat of an asthma attack is real. According to a 2011 study by the CDC, one in two people with asthma had an attack in the last year. This came at a cost of over $56 billion in medical bills, lost productivity, and early deaths. Fortunately, many of these attacks are preventable through symptom control and trigger avoidance and elimination.

Do you know your specific asthma triggers? Medical director Matthew Rose, DO, and our team at Rose City Urgent Care & Family Practice know asthma and will work with you to identify and help you avoid triggers. Whether it’s your first summer with asthma or your 50th, we can help you manage this chronic disease to enjoy carefree living no matter what season it is.

Asthma and summer

You might not think of asthma as a threat during the hot summer months. It seems to go more hand-in-hand with the allergy-filled spring and fall or flu-driven winter. With one in 12 Americans suffering from asthma, though, there is bound to be a group of people for whom summer is the worst.

Go outside on a particularly hot and hazy summer day and you’ll recognize many of the potential triggers. Heat and high humidity make the air thicker and harder to breathe. This can put pressure on your inflamed airways. All of that humidity also traps pollution and keeps it at higher levels in the breathable air.

Although many plants do the bulk of their pollinating in the spring, summer blooms join any spring residue while mold flourishes in the heat and humidity. Add in potential close contact with pool chemicals and fertilizer, and you come out with an abundance of triggers.

Preventing a summer asthma attack

While the above may seem like a recipe for disaster, there are a few things you can do to avoid triggers and carry on with an attack-free summer:

Check pollen count and air quality before heading out

Overall, summer produces the worst air quality of the year. If there is a high pollen count or an air alert, stay inside. If it’s going to be a difficult day to breath for people without asthma, your prospects are probably worse.

Be prepared and stay smart

Keep your inhaler close by, especially when playing sports or exercising. Also, make sure you keep up to date on any other medication you may take — you want a full arsenal of protection. In the same vein, don’t overexert yourself or test your limits. People understand if you need a breather or have to take a few minutes to cool off in the A/C.

Keep clean

If you do have to go outside on bad air days, change your clothes when you come home to get rid of pollen. Change your air filters regularly and don’t forget to vacuum carpets and rugs, as they can trap pollen and other dust.

Use common sense

No one knows your body and potential triggers quite like you do. If something doesn’t feel right, just take it easy and remain inside.

Talk things over

Maybe you’ve had a bad summer in the past or feel like the last summer was especially taxing. Dr. Rose or any of our medical professionals at Rose City Urgent Care would be happy to sit down with you and create a plan for maximizing your summer fun without risking an attack.

Don’t wait to get your summer asthma under control. While there are many summer triggers, they shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a great season. Our team can help you set up a summer for the record books. Call or contact us online today.

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