• Am I at Risk for Developing Diabetes?

  • Why Urgent Care Is a Good Alternative

  • Celebrate Sexual Awareness Month And Get Tested

  • 7 Factors That Could Be Contributing to Your Insomnia

  • How Often Should You Be Tested for STDs?

  • Tips for Traveling With IBS

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Am I at Risk for Developing Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious condition that can compromise your quality of life. Even if you have risk factors, you can make lifestyle changes to reduce your chances of developing diabetes.

Nov 16th, 2018
Why Urgent Care Is a Good Alternative

You need prompt medical care, but it isn’t an emergency? Don't waste time and money visiting your nearest ER when your local Urgent Care Center can provide the attention you need at a fraction of the cost.

Oct 15th, 2018
Celebrate Sexual Awareness Month And Get Tested

Sexual Awareness Month is a great time to get tested, but it isn’t the only time of the year to take action. Just as you exercise and brush your teeth regularly, getting tested is just as important for many reasons.

Sep 26th, 2018
7 Factors That Could Be Contributing to Your Insomnia

It’s after 3 am and you’re staring at the clock on the nightstand, counting sheep, and agonizing over your inability to fall asleep or stay asleep long enough to get much rest. Here are seven factors that could be causing your insomnia.

Aug 24th, 2018
How Often Should You Be Tested for STDs?

If you’re sexually active, you could have an STD and not even know it. Some STDs show no symptoms, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them. There are several important reasons to get tested for STDs regularly.

Jul 20th, 2018
Tips for Traveling With IBS

Don’t let your IBS put a damper on summer travel plans. With some planning and a little, you can keep symptoms at bay and look forward to worry-free travel.

Jun 18th, 2018
How to Avoid Swimmer's Ear This Summer

Bacteria and fungus can breed in the warm, wet environment of your ears after you’ve been swimming. This mnfection known as Swimmer’s Ear. Read on to learn how to prevent this summertime infection and how to recognize the signs.

May 1st, 2018
Tips for Managing Diabetes When Eating Out

Don’t let dining out get in the way of your diabetes meal planning goals. Arm yourself with the nutritional knowledge to outsmart diabetes and make savvy choices at any restaurant you visit.

Apr 30th, 2018
Which Type of Birth Control Is Right for You?

There’s a wide range of birth control options available. To choose the one that’s best for you, it’s important to consider your age, medical history, overall health, sexual activity, future family plans, and level of comfort with the method.

Mar 1st, 2018
Is Using Your Phone at Night Interfering With Your Sleep?

As Americans become more addicted to their cellphones, the book on the nightstand table has given way to the charger and phone in an ever-increasing number of households. And the effects on your sleep may run deeper than you realize.

Feb 22nd, 2018
Tackling Asthma and Seasonal Allergies

Medical professionals continue to research different treatments and ways to keep asthma and allergies in check so that if you are diagnosed with these illnesses, you do not have to live in fear of having an attack.

Jan 15th, 2018
Finding Sinus Relief from Seasonal Allergies

Every day, we treat numerous men, women, and youth throughout the Evergreen State for all their minor injuries and illnesses, and sinusitis is no exception. Our experienced and friendly medical team is able to provide treatment for sinus congestion.

Nov 14th, 2017
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